Job Title :  Accountant

Brief :  Accounting & Financial Management

Job Type :  P/T

Schedule :  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10am to 5pm

Salary :  $25/hr  -  paid bi-weekly

Description :

As our accountant, you will be responsible for tracking & logging all of MANAM's expenses and revenue.  Organizing our finances and giving us some solid logistics will be the name of the game.  You will be responsible for regular budget reporting, as well as organizing budgets for any specific aspects of the company; whether it be a new collection, an event, marketing, etc.  We have a very small team, but we will ask that you manage payroll.  And lastly, you will be responsible for taking yearly inventory for reporting to our tax specialist.

>> The appropriate candidate for this position should be highly organized, honest, and focused.  We ask that he or she have an avid knowledge of QuickBooks.  If you have a preferred means of executing the above-mentioned tasks, feel free to make a note of it, and we can look into making those arrangements.

We look forward to having you on our team!

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